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Is it Worth it to Get Pet Insurance?

Arizona is a beautiful place to live. Known as the “Grand Canyon State,” there’s tons of mountainous, outdoor spaces to hike and explore with your four-legged friends!

And if you and your pup are the outdoorsy types, there’s endless fun that can be had. But even if you’re careful – accidents can still happen. Or maybe your dog suddenly gets sick. Pet insurance can help you be prepared.

1 in 3 pets require emergency care every year! 

Every 6 seconds a pet parent is faced with a vet bill over $1,000.

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How Much Does a Vet Cost in Arizona?

Vet bills can add up quickly – especially when a sudden illness or accident happens. That’s why we’re here to help. Pet insurance can give you a peace of mind that you’re always prepared.

But how much do vet bills really cost? Here are some examples of health conditions that are covered by pet insurance, and the cost of treatment:

Pet insurance plans can reimburse you for 50%-100% of the cost of vet bills, depending on which plan you choose. And just like any type of insurance, you hope you won’t need to use it. But if something happens, you’re glad you had it.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The Cost of Your Pet Insurance Will Depend on 2 Key Factors:

  1. Your Pet – based on the type of hereditary issues your breed of dog is likely to suffer from.
  2. Your Zip Code – based on the cost of veterinary treatment in the area where you live.

But no worries! There are lots of low cost pet insurance options in Arizona. Here is the average cost for 3 different levels of pet insurance coverage:

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Top 5 Veterinary Clinics in Arizona

Check out the services and prices of veterinary clinics near you. This is a list of the top 5 veterinary clinics in the state of Arizona:

  • Arizona Animal Wellness Center  →  Gilbert, AZ
  • Kaibab Animal Hospital  →  Scottsdale, AZ
  • Amherst Plaza Animal Clinic  →  Phoenix, AZ
  • Agape Animal Clinic  →  Mesa, AZ
  • Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic  →  Phoenix, AZ

Need pet insurance for a different state? Do you have a dog or a cat? We can help you find all of the best pet insurance companies and rates, specifically for your furbaby’s needs.

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