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If you’re looking for pet health insurance in Iowa you’ve come to the right place!

We know Iowan’s love their pets, that’s why we created a page dedicated to you, the great pet owners of The Hawkeye State.

The fact is that most dog and cat owners don’t realize how expensive veterinary care can be until they’re faced with an expensive operation or treatment.

Hopefully this page can help you learn about the potential costs of expensive veterinary treatment and the value of pet insurance. And once your ready, feel free to get free quotes to find the perfect price and the perfect plan for your furry family member!

Best Pet Insurance in Iowa

Not all pet insurance companies are created equal. Check out our list of the top pet insurance companies and plans in Iowa. Check out the updated list: Best Pet Insurance in America

Cost of Veterinary Care

Pet health insurance helps pay for expensive and unexpected veterinary bills when your dog or cat gets sick or injured. Most Iowans don’t know that treatment for health issues like hip dysplasia and cancer can cost as much as $5,000 to $10,000 if your pet gets sick or injured. To illustrate, here is a customer review to give you a sense of what can happen and the benefits if you’re prepared.

Healthy Paws is easily the best pet insurance on the market. The customer service is excellent–they get back to you within a few hours (in my experience at least), and will work with your Vet so you don’t have to worry while your pet is being helped. My dog had TTA surgery for an ACL tear, and thankfully Healthy Paws covered 80% of the surgery! My $5,000 bill became $1,000. I highly recommend Healthy Paws.” – Evan G.

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Pet Insurance Costs across Iowa

One of the key factors in pricing pet insurance plans is your zip code. Based on the cost of living where you live companies will adjust rates up or down. Here is a sampling from some of our most popular cities in Iowa to give you an idea of how much it costs.

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