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From Cheyenne to Jackson we offer plans from all the best pet insurance companies in the great state of Wyoming.

Being a dog or cat in Wyoming is awesome. In fact, Wyoming is the 2nd least densely populated state in America so there is plenty of room to roam and run!

Veterinary Care in Wyoming

Wyoming is an awesome place to raise a pet, but accidents and illnesses happen. And when your pet needs serious medical care you’ll be surprised how expensive treatment will be. Here is a sampling of common health conditions suffered by dogs and cats. While we hope you have one of the ‘lucky’ pets who never need expensive or life-saving treatment, it’s always prudent to be prepared!

Source: Dog Health Conditions

Pet Insurance Options in WY

There are over 20 pet insurance companies offering plans in Wyoming and each plan is unique. Some plans cover accidents and illnesses, which is standard. Other companies also offer wellness and routine care coverage for annual visits and vaccinations.

Standard Accident and Illness Coverage

Accidents Illnesses
X-Rays, Blood Tests, etc. Surgery
Hereditary Conditions Hospitalization
Congenital Conditions Prescription Medications
Chronic Conditions Emergency Care
Cancer Specialty Care
Diagnostic Treatment Alternative Treatment
X Pre-Existing ConditionsX Preventative Care

Wellness and Routine Care Coverage

Annual Exams Blood Tests
Vaccinations Microchip
Health Certificate Behavioral Exam
Heartworm Tests Urine Tests
Deworming Fecal Test
Pre-Existing Conditions Preventative Care

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The good news for Wyomingites like yourself is that pet insurance plans are very affordable in The Equality State – especially compared to folks in other states.

City Prices
Cheyenne, WY $36/mo.
Jackson Hole, WY $44/mo.
Atherton, CA $40/mo.


Sample prices only.

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