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When people find themselves in a financial crisis, they can be faced with making hard decisions to stay within a manageable budget. For individuals with pets, this can be a problem if their pet should require medical attention.

For many, providing their pets with the proper veterinary care can quickly put a strain on their finances. This is particularly true when it comes to pet owners who are low-income. Pet insurance, however, is designed to help.

For a relatively low cost, pet insurance can help people save money by reimbursing them for covered services and even medications. The type and extent of covered services depend on the insurance policy that is selected.

When money is an issue, people may want to further cut costs to make ends meet by looking for lower-cost or even free pet insurance.

Unfortunately, free pet insurance for low-income families is not available; however, with careful research, you can find which insurance companies have the lowest-priced plans, and we can help.

When looking for pet health insurance, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. In general, it is important to insure your pet as quickly as possible and to not allow the policy to lapse, as no provider will cover pre-existing conditions.

This means that if an uninsured dog or cat is injured or becomes ill, you will be unable to sign up with an insurer. In addition, because there are no free pet insurance plans, you will need to be prepared to pay premiums every month or annually regardless of your pet’s current health status.

For that reason, it is important to find affordable pet insurance that will not greatly impact your budget.

The first consideration when looking for low-cost pet insurance is which type of plan to choose. There are three available options to choose from: major medical, accident-only, and wellness plans.

Major medical insurance plans are the most popular and the most expensive in terms of up-front costs. Although they are more expensive, the higher cost of these plans is largely due to the fact that they will pay up to 90 percent of veterinary bills for approved emergencies, accidents, illnesses including cancer, and prescription medications.

Wellness plans are offered by seven of the 12 pet insurers. They make paying for routine checkups and preventative care more affordable, but in most cases, one must also have a major medical plan before they can purchase this type of coverage.

Accident-only plans are the least expensive, but they are extremely limited, as they only cover vet bills for emergencies and injuries; any illness or routine care will not be reimbursed.

After determining the best type of insurance, the final step in finding low-cost pet insurance plans is to compare them at here. On our site, low-income pet owners can conduct side-by-side comparisons of each of the top companies.

We provide star ratings, customer reviews, and company overviews. In addition, it is fast and easy to get free price quotes by filling out our simple online form.

We are a 100 percent independent company, so you can trust us to provide you with the unbiased information that you need to choose the best insurance plan for your pet and your budget.


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