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Orchitis in Dogs

orchitis in dogs


Orchitis is a condition occasionally experienced by dogs and is physically characterized by the swelling/inflammation of one or both testes. The condition has various possible causes, which include physical injury and secondary infection during penetration, infectious organisms such as distemper, or complications from bacteria-carrying prostatitis.

There is an immune-mediated variant orchitis known as lymphocytic orchitis, which is predominantly seen in beagle breeds and their mixes.

In some cases, orchitis may be accompanied by a condition known as epididymitis, which causes swelling of the testicular tube. Orchitis is a potentially dangerous condition, which may lead to abnormal growths and infections. The condition has long-term effects if left unchecked or untreated, causing irreversible damage to reproductive systems, which may result in infertility.

Symptoms and Treatments

The condition is visibly obvious through the presence of enlarged scrotum (may be accompanied by open wounds or abscess), testes or epididymides (testicular tube). These physical signs may be worsened by dermatitis of the scrotum due to unsanitary cleaning practices. In more severe cases, abnormal lumps may form in the testicles of affected dogs.

Swelling rates may occur slowly and gradually (chronic) or progress suddenly with few visible signs.

Orchitis is usually treated by dealing with the underlying issues of the condition. This can be a complex process that involves physical examinations, abdominal X-rays, urine and semen analysis, and ultrasounds of affected regions. Vets might provide antibiotics and antimicrobials depending on the source of the infective agent. Other treatments include cold compresses or hospitalization for observation and further medical support.

Recovery might be lengthy and not with complete success. As an additional measure, vets may prescribe further blood cultures and sensitivity tests to refine treatment processes. Early diagnosis and neutering of the infected dog may prevent serious complications such as testicular atrophy.

Estimated Treatment Costs

Treatment costs vary according to the diagnostics applied and the complications of underlying conditions. Factors to consider include the age of your pet, the severity of infection, and complications due to the onset of epididymitis.

The entire cost of orchitis treatment range between $305 to $1,490 per affected side.

Care Management for Dogs with Orchitis

Orchitis is a serious condition that should be managed under the care of professionals. Owners should take their pets to a vet immediately upon observing the first possible signs of orchitis. The condition is often aggressive and may lead to permanent damage to affected parts.

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