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Caring for Pets With Disabilities

pets with disabilities


In the right home, pets with disabilities can thrive and bring endless amounts of joy to their owners. Often, they are full of life and can exhibit much of the playfulness and energy of other pets.

Although disabled pets may face challenges that other cats or dogs may not experience, they are often amazingly adaptable to their environment.

This is an important fact for families with pets that have recently become disabled due to illness or injury. While some family pets may become disabled by accident, some people choose to adopt dogs or cats that have special needs.

When considering adding a new dog or cat to the family, you’ll find that there are locations that offer pets with disabilities for adoption.

Animals like these stand out from others pets that are available and may inspire some individuals to bring them home.

Whether you have a pet with a disability or you’ve chosen to find your next furry friend at a location where there are pets with disabilities for adoption, one should understand what owning a disabled pet may entail and be prepared to make a commitment to provide extra love and care for their disabled pet.

A major part of this commitment includes providing medical care. Pet insurance can help with the costs associated with this care, but it is important to find the right health insurance policy. can help you find a plan that is affordable and best suited for your pet.

Common Pet Disabilities

While some animals are born with disabilities, others become disabled as a result of injuries, illness, or age.

Common disabilities include blindness in cats and dogs, hearing loss, missing limbs, or paralysis. Degenerative myelopathy, or DM, is an example of a disease that occurs frequently in certain larger dogs, such as German shepherds.

DM causes weakness in the hindquarters and eventual paralysis, although some pets can still maneuver with the assistance of mobility carts.

Other common conditions that could cause pets to need wheeled devices to help them walk include hip dysplasia, spinal injuries, and neuromuscular disease.

Pet Insurance and Pets With Disabilities

Families with one or more pets with disabilities may expect frequent visits to the veterinarian. These visits, although necessary, can make it expensive to own disabled pets and meet their needs.

With pet insurance, you may receive reimbursement for paid services. can help you find pet insurance through plan and price comparisons, but it is important that you first understand how disabilities can affect insurance coverage.

Timing is crucial when it comes to what insurance companies will and will not cover. When one gets a new pet that has no disability, they should ideally buy insurance as soon as possible.

This is important because no insurer will cover pre-existing conditions. That means that if your pet is injured or develops an illness that results in a disability before you sign up for an insurance policy, treatment for the injury or illness will not be covered.

Disabilities Due to Congenital and Hereditary Disorders

If one adopts a pet that has a disability, certain factors will decide if the insurer will cover treatment. While pre-existing conditions such as broken limbs caused by car accidents are not covered, most insurance companies will cover congenital or hereditary disorders.

Congenital disorders are conditions such as congenital heart disease that are present when an animal is first born. Hereditary disorders differ in that they are handed down from the parent of the puppy or kitten and may appear later in life.

These genetic disorders include conditions such as glaucoma, hip dysplasia, and epilepsy.

Selecting an Insurance Provider

When it comes to selecting a provider, you’ll find that conducting comparisons with is quick and easy. By comparing before you buy, you are able to get a better picture of what is and is not covered when a pet has a disability. Read the reviews that are listed on our site, or complete our online form to get free pet insurance quotes today.


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  1. I want to adopt my foster rescue. She’s a terrier mix and 12 weeks old. She is a double amputee and waking! She’s in perfect health. Would you cover wheels under any policy?

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