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Petco Pet Insurance vs. Healthy Paws

Petco, one of the most trusted pet brands in the world, is also one of the newest brands to enter the pet insurance market. Healthy Paws on the other hand has been insuring pets since 2009. Both companies offer excellent accident and illness coverage for dogs and cats. Here is a quick comparison of the two to help you make the right decision for your furry family member!

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Petco Insurance Healthy Paws Pet Insurance
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Overall Rating:
Total Reviews: 19 4,174
Deductible: $100 - $500 $100, $250 or $500
Reimbursement: 70% - 90% 70%, 80% or 90%
Annual Limit: $5,000 - Unlimited Unlimited
Company Profile: Company Overview Company Overview
Waiting Period for Accidents: 14 days 15 days
Waiting Period for Illnesses: 14 days 15 days
Waiting Period for Orthopedic Coverage: 14 days 15 days*
Emergency Care: Included Included
Accidents: Included Included
Illnesses: Included Included
Cancer Coverage: Included Included
Orthopedic Issues: Included Included
Hereditary Conditions: Included Included
Chronic Conditions: Included Included
Prescription Meds: Included Included
Wellness Coverage: Excluded Excluded
Vet Restrictions: None None

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Petco Pet Insurance

Petco launched it’s pet insurance plan to employers in 2019 and opened it up to their customer base in 2020. One of the newest pet insurance companies, Petco offers comprehensive accident and illnesses coverage with enough flexibility to meet any pet parent’s monthly budget.

Petco Pros

  • Nationally recognized, trusted pet brand
  • Cover’s exam fees

Petco Cons

  • Not a long track record of insuring pets
  • No wellness care option

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Founded in 2009, Healthy Paws has become the gold standard for customer service in the American pet health insurance market. Healthy Paws offers one, simple plan that is affordable than most options on the market.

Healthy Paws Pros

  • Consistently the highest rated pet insurer
  • Long track record insuring pets

Healthy Paws Cons

  • Limit coverage for newly enrolled, older pets
  • Does not cover exam fees


You truly can’t go wrong with either company. If you want to enroll a pet who is older than 6 then Petco is probably your best bet. But if you’re enrolling a young, mixed breed dog Healthy Paws might be your choice. Either way, it’s important to compare prices because every company rates pets different based on their breed and age.

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Petco Insurance Enrollment Requirements

There are no enrollment requirements. However, when you submit a claim, you authorize us and our administrator to access all medical information that we need to assess your pet’s health. For example, we may ask you for the name and contact information of any veterinarian that has ever seen or treated your pet. You must also provide proof of identity for your pet when we request it.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Enrollment Requirements

  • 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia*
  • Must be enrolled before 6 for hip dysplasia coverage
  • Minimum age: 8 weeks
  • Maximum age: 14 years (4 years in New York state)
  • A pet less than 6 years old on the date of enrollment must have undergone a complete clinical examination and the exam must have taken place either 12 months before the pet policy effective date or within 15 days following the pet policy effective date
  • A pet 6 years old or older on the date of enrollment must have undergone a complete clinical examination within 30 days before the pet policy effective date or 15 days following the pet policy effective date