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Did You Know? Over half of all households in Illinois have a pet!


Pet Parenting in Illinois

The lifestyles of Illinois pets vary as much as their parents’, from the city slicker canine in Chicago to the chilled out cat south of Route 50 who spends her days soaking up the warmer temperatures. Prairie State pups have boundless freedom, with off-leash dog beaches and parks in abundance.

But living in Illinois can also bring some unique challenges and risks to pets. Illinois’ changeable and sometimes extreme weather means pet parents have to be wary of heat stroke and burnt paws in summer and everything from antifreeze poisoning to frostbite in winter. Then there are the conditions that are more commonly diagnosed in Illinois compared to the national average, such as arthritis for dogs and kidney disease for cats.


Crunching Veterinary Costs

Here is a sample of common health conditions and the costs associated with each.

Source: Dog Health Conditions

There are many Dog Health Conditions that you should be aware of, these are just a few.

Living in the land of Lincoln isn’t cheap. In fact, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, only 13 states are more expensive than Illinois to live. This is reflected in the cost of veterinary care in Illinois, which means vet bills can easily run to four figures, even for common treatments.

If you live in a major metropolitan area like Chicago, Aurora, or Rockford, you can expect to pay even more if your pet gets sick or injured.


pet insurance il
Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis


How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost?

The cost of pet insurance depends on two key factors: your pet and your zip code. Pet insurance companies rate the cost on how likely your pet is to suffer from a hereditary issue (like hip dysplasia) and the cost of treatment where you live.

So the cost of pet insurance Chicago is more expensive than Peoria, for example. Pet insurance companies rate plans based on your pet’s breed, age and zip code. Here are some samples of prices across the state for a three year-old mix breed dog.

  • Springfield – $40/month
  • Chicago – $42/month
  • Naperville – $42/month

Source: Pet Insurance Cost


Highest Rated Vet Clinics in Illinois

  • Arlington Park Veterinary Hospital – Rolling Meadows, IL
  • Mont Clare Animal Hospital – Chicago, IL
  • Oakwood Veterinary Service – Colona, IL
  • Sutton Road Animal Hospital – Streamwood, IL
  • Broadway Animal Hospital Chicago
  • Arlington Park Vet
  • Mont Clare Animal Hospital

Insurance That’s Right For You and Your Pet

With a range of pet health insurance companies offering coverage in Illinois, it’s crucial to compare plans and prices to discover which will suit your pet’s needs and your bank balance. You want your pet to have the very best medical care no matter what- without worrying about huge vet bills!

Ready for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is protected?


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