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Brandon and his dog Oscar

"Our policy paid over $6,500 of Sanford's back surgery costs." - Tom Gilligan, see full review

Which Plan Should You Pick?

The best way to answer this question is to see what current and past customers have to say. See which pet insurance companies keep their customers happy and who you should avoid.

Customer Satisfaction Chart

This handy chart includes reviews and testimonials from over 50,000 pet parents in every state. You can also diver deeper searching by company.


Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

5,364 total reviews

"They're rated the best because they are the best."

Read Anna's Review



Veterinary Pet Insurance

5,740 total reviews

"Torn knee ligaments - claim paid as advertised."

Read Claire's Review



Embrace Pet Insurance

10,380 total reviews

"Saved over $4,300 on Magruff's hip surgery."

Lou & Kim's Review



Petplan Pet Insurance

6,133 total reviews

"Such a wonderful claims experience."

Read Tanner's Review



Pets Best Insurance

3,076 total reviews

"I'll tell you, Pets Best is a real life saver."

Read Terri's Review



Trupanion Pet Insurance

8,489 total reviews

"Trupanion is truly great company to work with."

Read their Review




Figo Pet Insurance

295 total reviews

"Claims app is super easy to use."

 More about Figo




ASPCA Pet Insurance

4,604 total reviews

"Prepared for the unexpected."

Read Paul's Review



PetFirst Pet Insurance

1,562 total reviews

"PetFirst is truly first rate."

Read Julia's Review



PetPremium Pet Insurance

445 total reviews

"New company is really good."

Read J.P.'s Review



AKC Pet Insurance

1,910 total reviews

"Veterinary care is very expensive."

Read Candice's Review



24PetWatch Pet Insurance

2,791 total reviews

"I'm glad we got insurance for Spencer."

Read More Reviews




Sources of Pet Insurance Reviews

Customer satisfaction percentages in the table are based on 51,226 reviews collected from all the leading, independent websites. Reviews are collected and reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure ratings are up-to-date.

Customer Satisfaction Calculation

All sources of pet insurance reviews use different scoring methods, so we converted them all to a simple 100% scale.

This ensures that our customer satisfaction ratings are apples-to-apples. For example, Google uses a five-star review system, so we just multiple each review by 20 to get a 100% scale.

Our customer reviews are based on a 10 point scale, so we just multiple all of our review by a factor of 10. In every case each individual review is worth the same amount, regardless of the source.

This ensure the most accurate and fair representation of each company.

Sample Customer Reviews


Buster & Anna

"They're Rated the Best and I Can Tell You They Are the Best!"

"Buster is very active for a Bulldog. I love him dearly and knew that pet insurance was something I wanted him to have. I essentially chose Healthy Paws because they have the best coverage and the highest customer ratings. Quite frankly I pay $15 more per month being with Healthy Paws but I wanted the best. We've been customers since 2012 and only had one claim in June 2013 for a bee sting.

The trip to the ER and IV's cost about $400 and the plan reimbursed us about $150. Then in May 2015 Buster's active lifestyle caught up to him and he tore a ligament in his front left leg. I couldn't pinpoint when the injury occurred but it became clear after a couple days of limping and whining that something was wrong..."

Read Buster's Full Story

German Shepherd dog posing with his owner

Baron and Veronique's Story

"Baron was about one year old when I adopted him almost 7 years ago. He was malnourished likely abused and neglected as a puppy. He had a rough start to life from what I was told. I quickly learned Baron was going to be quite a project for me. He was afraid of everything and everyone. From day one, he would come to work with me every day so he could be by my side and see what the world had to offer. It took Baron a little over a year to learn to play, learn not to be afraid of everyone, and not to react to his fear in an aggressive way.

A few months after adopting Baron, my little brother was killed in Baghdad, Iraq serving our Country. This was one of the darkest times of my life. Without Baron by my side and knowing I was responsible for him, and that he counted on me and trusted me to be there for him, I don’t know where I would be today. A few years later, I had read about pet insurance and it had me curious. I found Pets Best Insurance through my search and quickly learned that it was not as expensive as I thought so I went for it.

What did I have to lose? You never expect that your pet will become ill or injured, but you never know..."

Read Baron's Full Story

"Nationwide Pet Insurance Saved Me Over $3,000"

"I have had my auto and home insurance with Nationwide since I graduated from college ten years ago. I've always had at least one cat since I live alone and when my Nationwide agent told me that he was offering a new pet insurance plan so I decided to give it a try. To be completely honest he added it to my other policies and I forgot about it. Then about 6 months later my cat, Tiger, swallowed a pen cap. He seemed very lethargic for about 24 hours so I took him to the vet.

I was hoping the pen cap would pass naturally. Our vet ran an x-ray and it showed the pen cap and he explained that Tiger would need to have it surgically removed because of the angle it was lodged in his stomach. I've heard this happening to puppies but never a cat..."

Read Tiger's Full Story

"Saved over $4,300 on Magruff's hip surgery"

"We bought insurance for Magruff in 2010 after our friends urged us to consider it, and thank goodness they did! Gruffers unexpectedly needed hip replacement surgery that ended up costing $5,200. We're both medical sales reps but we had no idea how sophisticated veterinary care was. We also had no idea how expensive treatment could be. We opted for Embrace's economy package because we just wanted coverage in case anything major happened.

We opted not to have wellness coverage and some of the other additions like meds, etc. However, after having Embrace write a check for $4,306.04 we think we might increase our level of coverage when Magruff is up for renewal. We heard their wellness program is great and you can use it for any routine care throughout the year..."

Read Magruff's Full Story

"Petplan Platinum Plan is Great"

"Our 5 year old bichon frise was diagnosed with skin cancer this Summer. It was scary but the vet assured us it was minor and the prognosis was good. Our regular vet removed the skin tumor and sent it to a local oncologist for review. They confirmed the tumor was malignant and ran some more tests on Bert to see if the cancer had spread. The tests were inconclusive and they suggested 2 rounds of chemotherapy to ensure the cancer didn't spread.

I was surprised how the little effect the medication had on Bert. He was out of it for a day or two each treatment but then was back to normal. After 3 months the oncologist ran a full body scan and found no cancer. These dog insurance reviews..."

Read Bert's Full Story

"Abby's Story Snake-Bitten Story"

"Our Pomchi Abby was stung by a bee and bitten by a snake in the same day. The allergic reaction caused her to anaphylactic shock and required emergency veterinary care. We rushed her to the Emerald City Emergency Clinic. Unlike a hospital they gave us an idea of how expensive the initial treatment and diagnostic testing would cost before providing treatment. I had to sign a document that said I would be responsible for paying for all treatments.

The woman at the front desk said it would cost about $1,500 and if more treatment or surgery was needed they would let us decide how far to go. Luckily we had pet insurance so we weren't concerned with the cost. After the payment process they immediately gave Abby shots and put her on IV's to flush out the toxins. After waiting an hour a vet visited with us and explained what was happening. Abby needed to stay in the hospital for further monitoring..."

Read Abby's Full Story

"A Brand You Can Trust With Your Pet"

"Our Chihuahua Sandy got really sick late last year with a stomach virus. It got so dire that we thought we were going to lose her. She had a parvovirus from an unknown source. Her sickness started with vomiting and diarrhea. Treatment for the virus took over 3 weeks and it was gut wrenching. The cost of treatment was $2,500 and our insurance plan paid for over $2,000. I will tell you that when your dog gets really sick it's an awful, helpless feeling.

I can't imagine not being able to afford treatment for Sandy. The fact that only 1% of pet owners have pet insurance is startling and tells me that a lot of dogs and cats are dying every year because owners can't afford treatment..."

Read Sandy's Full Story

A Note on Customer Reviews

Pet Insurance Reviews are Helpful But Shouldn't Be The Only Factor

Dog insurance reviews and cat insurance reviews are a great way to learn more about pet health insurance. Good reviews give you a sense of which companies do a good job and bad reviews give you a sense of which companies to avoid. However, pet health insurance reviews should only be one small factor in how you make your decision.

The fact is some pet owners get disgruntled by a company for not paying a claim in time or making a billing mistake. I think we all know how people can be when you open up the “comment box.” Unfortunately, like many other industries and services, the majority of pet insurance reviews come in two extremes.

Super Happy and Super Angry

Pet insurance ratings and reviews don't tell the whole story. Super happy customers will usually provide a review for a product or service after they’ve been treated beyond expectations and they receive a timely invitation to provide a review. For example, imagine you purchase a policy and 2 months later your dog breaks his leg. You rush him to the vet hospital and they say the surgery is going to cost $5,000. You’re devastated but relieved because you just purchased a policy from Healthy Paws.

Two weeks after the accident Healthy Paws sends you a check for $4,400 and a nice note checking up on your dog. They also ask you to take a minute to fill out a review online. You are so ecstatic with the situation you take a few minutes and write a nice review. Super angry customers are just the opposite. In some cases their frustration is warranted but we all know a few people in our lives that are impossible to please. And we also know these are the people who complain the most and take the time to fill out a nasty review. In this example the person submits a claim for arthritis treatment for his dog 2 months after enrolling.

Healthy Paws sends a notice back that the claim was denied because his dog had arthritis prior to enrolling, which is a pre-existing condition. Pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions and pet owners are warned several times before purchase. So instead of accepting responsibility this person goes online and writes a scathing review of Healthy Paws. According to this pet owner they are the worst and pet insurance is worthless. Same company, two very different perspectives.

And in this extreme example a 10/10 pet insurance rating and a 1/10 pet insurance rating would result in an average rating of 5.5 / 10. We’re not trying to discourage you or reduce the value of pet health insurance reviews. The key point is that they are a great data point but you should make your final decision based on coverage features and experts who can find you the perfect plan.

Learn More: Can Online Reviews be Trusted?

Pet Insurance Ratings

We pull together all these review in order to create pet insurance ratings for each company. Each of the sources of reviews we use have different rating scales so we have to calculate all the customer satisfaction ratings into a percentage. This provides a simple, trusted, apples-to-apples comparison to give you a good idea of which companies to focus on, and which companies to avoid!

Dig Deeper: Best Pet Insurance

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Sources of Reviews:, Better Business Bureau,, Angie's List, Yelp, Facebook Reviews, Pet Insurance Review, ShopperApproved, TrustPilot, SiteJabber, Google Reviews, Consumers Advocate, Reddit, Pet Insurance Reviews Consumer Reports, Yahoo Answers, Quora.

Edited by: Nick Braun

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