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"Saved over $4,300 on our dog's hip surgery!" Lou & Kim, read Magruff's story

Customer Reviews

This handy chart includes reviews and testimonials from over 55,000 pet parents in every state. We collect the reviews from 10 different sources and average the scores for each provider. An interesting note, the average customer rating for the entire U.S. pet insurance industry is 89%, which is pretty darn good for insurance providers!

Avg. Rating

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

6,213 total reviews



Embrace Pet Insurance

8,525 total reviews



Figo Pet Insurance

312 total reviews




Petplan Pet Insurance

5,484 total reviews



Trupanion Pet Insurance

9,662 total reviews




ASPCA Pet Insurance

4,288 total reviews



Pets Best Insurance

2,994 total reviews



Veterinary Pet Insurance

5,510 total reviews


Customer satisfaction percentages are based on 58,368 reviews (as of Updated November 6, 2017collected from 10 sources. Review scores are updated on a routine basis to ensure that data and information are up-to-date. All sources of pet insurance reviews use different scoring methods so we convert them all to a simple 100% scale. This ensures that our customer satisfaction ratings are apples-to-apples. For example, Google uses a five-star review system, so we just multiple each review by 20 to get a 100% scale.

Sources: Pet Insurance Review,, Trustpilot, Facebook, Yelp, BBB, ConsumerAffairs, Google, Shopper Approved, Provider Website.

Featured Review

Woman posing with her German Shepherd Dog

Baron and Veronique, read Baron's story

"Baron was about one year old when I adopted him almost 7 years ago. He was malnourished likely abused and neglected as a puppy. He had a rough start to life from what I was told. I quickly learned Baron was going to be quite a project for me. He was afraid of everything and everyone. From day one, he would come to work with me every day so he could be by my side and see what the world had to offer. It took Baron a little over a year to learn to play, learn not to be afraid of everyone, and not to react to his fear in an aggressive way.

A few months after adopting Baron, my little brother was killed in Baghdad, Iraq serving our Country. This was one of the darkest times of my life. Without Baron by my side and knowing I was responsible for him, and that he counted on me and trusted me to be there for him, I don’t know where I would be today. A few years later, I had read about pet insurance and it had me curious. I found Pets Best Insurance through my search and quickly learned that it was not as expensive as I thought so I went for it..."

Cautionary Note on Customer Reviews

Pet Insurance Reviews are Helpful but Shouldn't Be Deciding Factor

Reviews are a great way to learn more about pet health insurance. Good reviews give you a sense of which providers do a good job and bad reviews give you a sense of which providers to avoid. However, pet health insurance reviews should only be one small factor in how you make your decision. The fact is some pet owners get disgruntled by a provider for not paying a claim in time or making a billing mistake. We all know how people can be when you open up the “comment box.” Unfortunately, like many other industries and services, the majority of pet insurance reviews come in two extremes.

Super Happy and Super Angry

Pet insurance ratings and reviews don't tell the whole story. Super happy customers will usually provide a review for a product or service after they’ve been treated beyond expectations and they receive a timely invitation to provide a review. For example, imagine you purchase a policy and two months later your dog breaks his leg. You rush him to the vet hospital and they say the surgery is going to cost $5,000. You’re devastated but relieved because you just purchased a pet insurance policy.

Two weeks after the accident your provider sends you a reimbursement check for 90% of the cost and a nice note for your dog. They also ask you to take a minute to fill out a review online. You are so ecstatic with the situation you take a few minutes and write a nice review. Super angry customers are just the opposite. In some cases their frustration is warranted but we all know a few people in our lives that are impossible to please. And we also know these are the people who complain the most and take the time to fill out a nasty review. In this example the person submits a claim for arthritis treatment for his dog two months after enrolling.

The point? Reviews are in most cases an average of extreme highs and lows.

Consider the Source

We collect reviews from 10 different sources in order to get the most accurate scores possible. However, we realize that no source is perfect and some might be more reliable than others. The fact is it's impossible to vet every online review and ensure every provider is submitting to a system that is apples-to-apples (Super Happy vs. Super Angry customers). However, customer reviews are an important piece of the puzzle and can provide some value when evaluating pet insurance options for your dog or cat.

Learn More: Can Online Reviews be Trusted?

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Our Perspective


We realize that customer reviews are an important part of the modern day shopping process, so we take time to collect and consider them in our analysis of providers. However, customer reviews are just one factor in how we rate pet insurance providers. To be specific, customer reviews are only one of 30 criteria we use when rating a provider.

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“Our pet insurance plan saved us $4,300 when our dog Magruff needed hip surgery.” - Lou & Kim
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