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Rating Methodology


What sets our ratings apart from other websites is that we're actually qualified. No, seriously, we're the only comparison website that is licensed to sell pet insurance in all 50 states.

That means we know what we're talking about. That also means we can legally provide recommendations that are in your best interest. Not the insurance companies.

Still skeptical? That's okay, take a second to learn more about us and meet our team of pet insurance experts. We're real pet parents who are passionate about trust and transparency.


Ratings Overview

Our rating system is the most trusted ranking methodology in pet insurance. We break each company down into 4 major categories:

  • Coverage
  • Cost
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Company

We call these the 4 C's of pet insurance because it provides a complete overview.

We based these categories and attributes based on feedback from thousands of customers.

# Stars Rating
★★★★★ Among the best
★★★★ Better than most
★★★ Average
★★ The rest
Not satisfactory

This scoring system is how we come up with the rankings of the best pet insurance companies in America.

Our most recent survey illustrated what's most important to pet owners just like you.

The 4 C's of Pet Insurance

As a professional, licensed pet insurance agency we know that coverage, cost and customer service are the most important categories (in that order).

As you can see, our scale gives more weight to important attributes and less influence to features that don't matter as much.

For example, coverage is the most important consideration when comparing pet insurance companies and plans, so we give more weight to claims payments, exclusions and payout limits.

On the flip side, we give less weight to age deductibles and ease of enrollment because they aren't as important as coverage and price.

Here is a deeper breakdown and rationale for each category.

Category #1 - Coverage

Coverage is king. Whether you're shopping for pet insurance, auto insurance or life insurance, coverage is what differentiates insurance policies.

The key to quality pet insurance coverage is a policy that includes all the major health issues your pet may encounter.

The most common (and most expensive) health issues are orthopedic conditions, hereditary disorders, chronic conditions and emergency care.

The highest rated companies provide complete, comprehensive coverage for these health issues without exclusions or hidden payout limits.

Emergency Care ★★★★★
Accidents ★★★★★
Illnesses ★★★★★
Surgery ★★★★★
Diagnostics ★★★★★
Hereditary Disorders ★★★★★
Congenital Conditions ★★★★★
Cancer ★★★★★
Orthopedic Coverage ★★★★★
Payout Limits ★★★★★
Exclusions ★★★★★
Bilateral Conditions ★★★★★
Chronic Conditions ★★★★★
Prescription Meds ★★★★★
Dental Coverage ★★★★★
Routine Care ★★★★★
Alternative Therapies ★★★★★

Note: No company covers pre-existing conditions

Category #2 - Cost

Just like any insurance product, cost matters. Although it's not wise to choose a plan based solely on price, on an apples-to-apples comparison the cost of a plan matters.

Let's face it - if a plan is too expensive for your budget it's not a fit. That's why we created a free, custom quote system so you can compare plans and prices side-by-side.

Base Premium ★★★★★
Fees ★★★★★
Annual Increases ★★★★★
Deductible ★★★★★
Reimbursement ★★★★★

Category #3 - Customer Satisfaction

After you enroll it's critical for a pet insurance company to offer excellent customer service. When your pet needs expensive veterinary care you want your insurance provider to be responsive and helpful.

At the end of the day you just want to be treated well and have your claims paid.

Customer Reviews ★★★★★
Expert Reviews ★★★★★
Claims ★★★★★
Waiting Periods ★★★★★
Ease of Enrollment ★★★★★

Category #4 - Company

The final category that goes into a company's rating is the company itself. The longer they've been around, the better.

The bigger they are, the better. History, leadership and financial stability all matter.

Company attributes are very important, and often forgotten when looking at coverage, price and service, but it's still a major factor that truly separates the good companies from the not-so-good.

Company ★★★★★
Policy Options ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

Regular Updates

Pet insurance is what we do every day. Our scores are always up-to-date and we get policy changes and information from companies before the public. This allows us to provide the newest information to you. So when you review rankings and information on our website you know it's the most accurate data available anywhere.


We're different because we're licensed, accredited and we do our homework. A lot of websites and "experts" claim to offer real advice, but the fact is we're the only licensed pet insurance agency in America.

You can visit other websites and get opinions online, but nobody knows pet insurance like we do. Period.

As you evaluate options keep in mind that any coverage is better than no coverage!

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